Packaging. PNW Blue Lights. Offering

One of the first things that I’ve noticed since moving to Portland was that every photo that I take seems to come out with a natural blue tint cast over them. Being a one person  shop (well, now sometimes with an assistant or two), I take all of my product shots myself. I didn’t realize how lucky I was in Los Angeles where the photo-taking in SoCal warm natural lights made the products look a little more desirable–a nice bonus to a novice photographer like me. Here in Portland, I find myself in Photoshop taking out that blue, whenever I take shop pictures like I did today.

It took a while, but EllaCosette packaging is ready in time for Valentines Day gift orders. Feel free to take advantage of 20 percent discount by using the code, LUV20.

Why did I change the shop name to EllaCosette? An easy answer is that the former name that I just randomly picked back in 2013, always bothered me because it didn’t sound like a jewelry shop name. Although I don’t know what a jewelry shop names should sound like, but “StudioGoods” wasn’t it. Ella Cosette means beautiful warrior. I intend to share a bit more in the near future about what I now think of this little path that I’ve created called jewelry making, if you’ve been following me for a while and at all curious. So, check back soon and have a great Super Bowl Sunday. And here are the words that I thought I’d never say, “Go Rams!”

IMG_1115IMG_1104 2IMG_1107


shall_we_dance_Hi, it’s been a long while since I’ve deleted all the posts from my Los Angeles days, and attempted blogging from Squarespace platform. I stopped that also, because I decided that if I were to blog again, I’d like to offer more meaningful content than ramblings of my personal stories.

I am back to the world of WordPress. And here is my first drawing of 2019 that you can “drag and drop” onto your desktop to make your desktop image if you’d like.

Check out my website, if you stopped following me after my departure from WP, I’ve done a lot paintings/drawings since.